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Perfection Foods first started exploring export markets in 2002 by carrying out in-depth market research and understanding the International cake supply chain, and all the different tastes and challenges required to export cake into Europe and all over the world.

Perfection Foods started exporting in 2010 by strategically launching its business across 10 different markets within a 12 month period. This unprecedented level of International growth lead to us receiving a significant amount of media attention for our export success and lead to us winning many awards for our International trade that we continue to receive up until today.

Perfection Foods is now recognised as a key UK manufacturer with a long term vision in trading overseas. Perfection Foods opened its second brand new facility dedicated to the needs of export markets in February 2012. The company now exports all over Europe including Key North African markets such as Libya and Morocco. Perfection Foods is an experienced cake exporter and understands the different challenges faced when exporting, and has a dedicated New Product Development team to ensure all of the products are designed and packaged suitably for different export markets that can endure extreme climate temperatures, from the extreme cold in Scandinavian markets to the extreme heat from Mediterranean markets.

As Perfection Foods is rapidly expanding its operations in overseas markets all of its exports are carried out by its dedicated partner Kapital Exports which acts as its export department by understanding the needs of International markets and understanding the capabilities and strengths of Perfection Foods. Kapital Exports has a number of projects dedicated to Perfection Foods in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.


Export Process

All of the goods are baked and freshly packed into strong cartons and onto either Euro or UK pallets so that they are ready to leave for their destinations within a 24 hour period of being produced. This process ensures they are received with the longest available shelf life when travelling to their international destinations.

All of the goods produced for Export Markets are available as Frozen or ambient with long shelf life. As we are experienced exporters we ensure the goods are packaged accordingly so that they arrive safely to their destinations in good conditions.

As we have a dedicated partner Kapital Exports that acts as our export department we are able to rebrand, re design products packaging and tastes very quickly so that they are suitable for export markets.. As we have our own dedicated export team and export department we are able to rebrand, re design products packaging and tastes very quickly, so that they are suitable for export markets


Our Export Partner


To visit Kapital Exports website please click here

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