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100% Family run Independently owned

Perfection Foods Ltd was established in 2000 by Brothers Sukhdev Singh Bath and Balwinder Singh Bath. Balwinder Singh Bath had over 30 years extensive baking knowledge, as he had worked with his father Channan Singh Bath, in many bakeries including Harvestime Bakery in Walsall, from a young age of 15 years old. Sukhdev Singh Bath had with him over 30 years business experience which had been attained through various businesses, starting with markets, then high street retail shops and a factory producing fabrics and garments.

Cake Mix - Industrial Mixer. Perfection Foods Limited
Artisan Cake Batch Production Perfection Foods UK
Perfection Foods

In the year 2000 both brothers decided to combine their 30 years of successful business and baking experience which gave birth to Perfection Foods Ltd.

When Perfection Foods Ltd was first set up in 2000 operating out of just a 4.500 square ft factory, they started off baking high quality cakes and supplying small independent retailers in the local area of Wednesbury and Walsall. As the business grew they then quickly started supplying cakes regionally through wholesalers. In 2006 Perfection Foods managed to establish itself nationally, supplying direct to national wholesalers such as Makro, Batleys and Bestways and large retailers such as Asda & Morrison’s.

Perfection Foods – History

As the business had now rapidly grown and established itself on a national level.

In the years of 2006, 2008 and 2010 Sukhdev’s three sons joined Perfection Foods after graduating University, bringing with them new innovative ideas and methods of furthering the success their father and uncle had already achieved.

In early 2006 Sukhdev’s eldest son Gurdeep began to focus on the export market. After many years of forging links with potential customers and careful planning, Perfection Foods strategically launched their products in 6 International markets, including Central and Sothern Europe and Scandinavia. This was the result of careful and meticulous planning which lead to one of the largest pushes in export, the Black Country had seen in many years. This resulted in Perfection Foods receiving an unprecedented level of local and national media attention & winning many local and national awards connected to the export market.

Perfection Foods Ltd as a Business now operates out of 2 manufacturing sites, one dedicated for the UK domestic market and one dedicated to the export market and has its international distribution centre based in the East Midlands. This gives a combined total of over 120,000 Square feet across the 3 sites.

Perfection Foods has grown rapidly from the very onset of business and has established itself and its brands within key European markets, exporting to over 10 different countries across Europe, and has began campaigns in North and South America and Asia. In such a short period of time Perfection Foods has rapidly grown and continues to win many awards for its success as a manufacturer and an exporter.

Cake Mix - Industrial Mixer. Perfection Foods Limited
Artisan Cake Batch Production Perfection Foods UK
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